The Leadership Team

A team of experienced individuals with expertise in different areas of the business


Manan Vora


Jack of all trades: Marketing | Operations | Problem Solving | Sales | Business Strategy | Product Management
Founder & CEO at Advensure and Advensure Events

Enthusiastic scuba diving, adventure sports and travel enthusiast.


Bhavesh Dulani


4+ years of sales and marketing experience. Experience of looking after key sales and marketing functions in a multinational company and has been zonal sales head for multiple zones in the country.

Areas of expertise include market research, marketing strategy, digital marketing, salesforce effectiveness.


Gaurav Chandiramani


Gaurav is a passionate technology enthusiast who has over 8 years of experience in core technology development and product management.
He has worked on umpteen projects spanning over platforms like websites, native mobile apps, native desktop apps, and even hybrid apps.

Some of the clients he has worked with include Omron, Johnson & Johnson, GSK, Dharma Life, and Olive.
He currently leads the tech team for a Swiss-based startup.


Focus on building on your idea, let us take care of the rest


Help businesses keep pace with the ever-evolving digital customer through various channels


Help clients identify and reach their ideal customers


Streamline workflows and modernize business operations


Help utilize the data in the organization for better customer experience and monetization


Help create the right image and message for the clients’ organization and their products


Technology is rapidly evolving and so is the customer. It has become increasingly important for business to adapt to these changes.

Ekahal helps businesses develop and enhance channels for the customers to reach them.

Some representative areas of work

Website Development Create/redesign the website to drive home the marketing message using the latest development tools and technology

Omnichannel Presence Enable omnichannel presence by developing mobile apps or tablet apps as defined by the need of the business

Search engine optimization Help engage the customers by creating various portals and other engagement channels

Digitization and social media has helped create smaller segments of the market. This has increased the scope and reach of niche businesses and at the same time, made it critical to identify the right segment.

Ekahal helps businesses identify and reach their ideal customers.

Some representative areas of work

Social media marketing Identify the right social media outlets and the ideal message for the target customer

Digital advertisements Create and design the right content and the channel for digital advertisements to get maximum returns

Search engine optimization Help the customers reach the client by optimizing the website message

Growing focus on digitization has increased emphasis on faster and efficient operations. This has led to reliance on technology to achieve the desired efficiency.

Ekahal helps businesses streamline their operations and equip them to grow in the data driven industry.

Some representative areas of work

Technology aided operations Identify automation opportunities to support the operations

Data culture Imbibe a data culture in businesses to help prepare for data utilization and monetization

Streamline workflows Streamline the existing workflows

The various sources of interaction with the customer has created an abundance of data for businesses. Utilization and monetization of this data gives an added advantage to businesses.

Ekahal helps businesses better understand and analyze the data.

Some representative areas of work

Data analytics Help make critical decisions using the power of internal data and predictive analytics

Social media analytics Help analyze the external market by performing analytics on external data like social media

Data visualization Provide an intuitive view of the important data available to the business to make informed decisions

The Business World is changing. Startups are born and die almost every day. Creating a brand helps you get and retain your customers more effectively, in this new age of fleeting information and limited retention.

Ekahal helps you create your unique brand identity, that matches your ethos - to help you stand out far above your competition.

Some representative areas of work

Brand Creation Match your ideologies and ethos with logos, fonts and colors to help your customers remember you and why you're better

Brand Implementation Unifying all the content you put out in the world - social media posts, sales deck, visting cards etc - to shout out your brand

Marketing Help engage the customers by creating 1 message that your brand associates with, that they can get behind